The 404er plugin for WordPress

All your 404 belong to us!

Don’t have enough 404s in your life?

Do you have a blog that really only want ready by humans? Do think that robots should never be able to read your blog, even if they ignore your robots.txt? Is privacy your number one concern? Do your friends think of you as “that total privacy nut…you know too much so.”? Then this plugin is for you. The 404er will make every public page of your blog return a 404 instead of the normal 200. Yes, you could use the normal privacy subpanel, but that would be sooo pedestrian. Step up to the real (excessive, RFC abbusing) 404!

Note: If you did not detect any humor in the above text or you do not know what a 404 is, then, in all caps, DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUGIN!

Easy to use!

Though a crude result, the configuration is anything but!

App Info

Compatible Versions of WordPress: TBD!
Multisite compatible: TBD!
Download: WordPress Plugin Directory